May Holdings & Weekly Update

The first trading day of May kicked off on a rough note as our S&P benchmark turned positive only in the final hour of trading. We entered into our May positions before market open on Monday, April 30th, and MTD represents returns from that point onward.

As anticipated, Apple solidly beat on top and bottom line growth for Q2 2018. Slower growth in iPhone sales was offset by a more profitable sales mix, and services accounted for its largest fraction of total revenue ever. I was especially pleased to see strong growth in the competitive Asian market. The $0.73 dividend and $100B share buyback reward investors and demonstrate that Apple management think the stock is undervalued in the market. Currently trading in the mid $170s, Apple is poised to top $180 in the next week.

I prefer to have liquidity for my swing trades, so I will likely sell out of Apple in the next few days. The upside is limited now that the earnings beat has been absorbed.

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